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Chuck Norris
Stracona mi�o��




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I`m a genie in a bottle baby..come and let me out
...:::I Living to love You:::...
...::ItS A DrEaM FoR YoU AnD Me....ItS NoT ReAlItY:::.....
No money no funny honey bunny
I’m really bored it’s gettning late
*Don't promise me forever if you can't even promise me tomorrow*
Every scar tells a story... i wrote my life story on my wrists
You loved me when i didn't loved myslef.
nothing hurts like love...i will always...
Hey dad, how come we don't rap off ???
I go to TRL; look how many hugs I get!
Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself
I need a hero...
wolf' rain-manga&anime
if you want to have a brother ? - put your father on your mother
[= I Wanna Live Forever =]
..::YoU ReAlY ArE My EcStAsY,YoU ReAl LiFe FaNtAsY::..
"Our love is like the wind I can't see it, but I can feel it"
Living to LoVe YoU:*:*:*
Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
Whoever wins - we lose
*_*Dont worry be happy*_*
If i were u i would love me
You just want to see a ***** backwards, don't you?
Sometimes I can't hold on and no one can help me!!!
My loving heart Lost in the dark For hope I'd give my everything
This life is never fair the angels that you need are never there
No More Games... This Opportunity Comes Once in a Lifetime
You can be who you want to be
Everything I do, I do it for you ;(
i'm desire that soft, moist kiss but he still far away
catch me if you can
I'm loving It Yeah!
««•••Wh��� � Is � M� � L�v�?•••&
LoVe Is LoVe TrUe Is TrUe YoU LoVe Me AnD I LoVe YoU
tell me you love me,come back and hold me,
..::Don't wanna close my eyes because I don't wanna miss a thing:::..
no woman no sex no sex no kids no kids no school no school no problem!
Nobody likes my records that i me DJ
Vodka Connecting People
if you want have a brother put your father on your mother
Don’t worry Don’t cry Smoke grass and fly
If you wanna be my friend take my penis in your hand :)))
if you wanna be a sexy, you must drink a lot of pepsi :D
He iS LoVeLy
One Tequila two Tequila three Bonetti
... I can't smile withouth you my sunshine :*
My light will always shine for you :*
I Love You But You Don't Love Me
I NeEd YoU BaBy...
If you want to be more sexi , you must drink a lot of Pepsi :)
ChOoSe BeTtEr, ChOoSe BeTtEr WaY, To BeTtEr DaYs !!
Aj lof ju bejbe!
NoBoDy WaNts YoU.. No MaTtEr WhAt YoU dO... LoNeLy DaYs... :(((
These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real...
I'm so tired of beeing here, surpressed by all of my childish fears...
I love my bear!!!
It Just Ain't Fair the way You treat Me no U Don't Deserve Me


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